Getting project & strategy delivery off to a good start!

 Getting project & strategy delivery off to a good start!

The key to delivering a successful change is to engage members of your team in the design and planning of a project or strategy.  That way you get buy in and ownership at an early stage and people are invested in seeing it through.  A design and planning event can be a useful starting point. This involves:

Identifying the right people to engage in the workshop

  • Include some leaders and credible influencers, as well as people with operational knowledge of what you want to change and improve.

Good storytelling

  • Overcome the ‘cognitive hurdle’ by engaging them in why the change is needed with data and evidence, case studies as well as compelling narrative to agree on the problem. Don’t be afraid to use emotion to get people interested.

Empower the group to come up with the solutions

  • This involves leaders relinquishing control and enabling the group to brainstorm. Agree the solutions together.

Encourage active group discussion

  • Collectively agree the how, by when and by whom. That way you increase your chances of coming up with a realistic plan. And if they are actively engaged in this, they will own their activities and timescales.

Write it up and send it out promptly

  • This will ensure the motivation and enthusiasm is maintained. Ongoing communication and feedback as to what is happening is also important.

”Have a bias towards action- let’s see something happen now.  You can break that big plan into small steps and take the first step right away”- Indira Gandhi