Business Change

Helping You Achieve Successful Business Change

At KayHill, we love change and we’ve lots of experience of helping it happen successfully.  We believe anyone can deliver a successful business change if it’s approached in the right way, with the right ingredients.

So, our key focus is to work in partnership with you.

We want your business change to be a real success. We want to help you deliver your business objectives by accelerating and then sustaining the changes you need to make. 

How we can help
KayHill can help you if you are about to embark on a change and want to start off on the right foot.

Or if you are managing a change and not getting the traction and benefits you want. Maybe your change

  • is becoming messy, confusing, distressing and a real challenge to implement?
  • isn’t going as well as you expected?
  • is being met with resistance by your staff or stakeholders?
  • appears to be going well but you aren’t seeing the outcomes you expected?

Whatever you may be trying to change, the challenges will be the same.  It will involve change to your systems, processes and, more importantly, your people. It will involve your teams needing to change the way they do things to make the change a reality.   And that’s exactly where we can help you.

What we do

Our Approach To Business Change
Our approach at KayHill is simple; helping our clients solve the challenge of initiating, accelerating and embedding change in their organisations.  We work in partnership with you, committed to your success during the project and in the longer term.

We’ve developed three tried-and-tested service offers that enable us to deliver a tailored approach that meets your needs. These offers are designed to build on and complement each other but they also add value as standalone offers.  Each is scalable depending on the size and needs of your organisation.

Our offers of support
Here are our tried-and-tested complementary and scalable offers of support.

Initiating Discovery
Our initiating discovery offer will help you understand what is and isn’t working well in your efforts to manage the change and what has worked well for you before.

We will engage, listen and consult with you to understand your business problems and challenges.  We will undertake a 360o review of current or previous efforts at managing change within the organisation using our ‘change ready reckoner’ tool.  Our tool enables our consultants to determine your strengths and opportunities to leverage change.

The initiating discovery activity will give you a constructive report that highlights areas where you are managing change effectively as well as areas where some changes in approach could have greater impact in accelerating successful change.  The report includes a dashboard that measures and tracks your change capability.


Accelerating Delivery
Our accelerating delivery offer will help you accelerate delivery of your change.

We will deliver workshops to the staff in your organisation who are key to managing the change.  These workshops aim to help your staff develop their knowledge and understanding of the right approach and the right ingredients to make the change a success.  Our workshops are interactive and encourage active participation of your staff.  Workshops will be bespoke and focus on the areas highlighted during the initiating discovery offer where this has been undertaken. These workshops will also acknowledge and build on what you are already doing well.

Accelerating delivery will help develop the skills and ability of your staff, help develop high performing teams focused on accelerating change, and speed up your business change.


Embedding Capability
Our embedding capability offer will help you deliver and sustain the change.

We understand that sustaining a change is tough.  It requires your people to be committed to the change and to be responsive and adaptive to new challenges that emerge during the change project.

Our embedding capability offer is about our consultants sticking with you during the change to help you see the change initiative through

Our approach is to work closely with your team to help them deliver sustainable change. We use a variety of tools and techniques such as coaching and action learning sets to help your team develop and transfer key skills and knowledge. We want to leave a legacy of new skills and capability within your organisation.

Embedding capability will help your organisation be responsive and adaptive to change, increase staff productivity and sustain the changes you have introduced.